Abstract submission


Abstracts should be submitted in English. The maximum size is 1 A4 page.

One participant cannot submit more than two abstracts (but can be a coauthor of other reports).

To submit an abstract, download the ABSTRACT TEMPLATE below (template with the .dot extension - for Microsoft Office Word 97-2003; template with the .dotx extension - for Microsoft Office Word 2007 and above), insert all the necessary information in it (abstract title, authors’ names, affiliations, main text, etc.) and then upload this abstract through your conference participant’s account.

The abstract file name should contain the speaker’s name and initials transliterated in English (e.g., Ivanov К.А.doc).

The deadline for submitting preliminary information about the reports (speaker’s full name, report title, report type, section) is March 10, 2024.

The deadline for abstract submission is March 29, 2024.

All questions about abstract formatting and submission should be addressed to Natalia Bumagina (ISC RAS), e-mail: rcct2024@isc-ras.ru.

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